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AMSOIL Science - Engine Technology

The primary function of the engine oil is to lubricate moving parts preventing metal-to-metal contact and reducing friction.

Critical Functions of Engine Oil, Explanation of Dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity, Combat the Effects of Cold Temperatures, Conventional lubricants vs Synthetic lubricants and more.

What Are The Causes of Oxidation In Oil?, New Oil Technology Needed to Prevent Super Knock, What is the function of piston rings?, Perfect Pairing Oil And Oil Filter, and more.

All motor oils will eventually oxidize to some extent. However, we can dramatically slow oxidation through use of synthetic base oils and quality oxidation-inhibitor additives.

Testing proves AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil provides more complete protection against damaging engine deposits than its competitors.

AMSOIL synthetics offer increased lubricity and high heat protection, exceptional cleanliness, and rust protection that equipment is prone to during storage. For liquid or air-cooled 4-stroke engines.

Shop the AMSOIL online store by browsing from a list of products specifically selected for semi-trailer and trucking applications. Select from premium and heavy-duty diesel oils, filtration and by-pass filtration products, transmission and brake fluids, s

Understanding Kinematic viscosity and Dynamic or Absolute viscosity

AMSOIL formulates a full line of synthetic automatic transmission fluids that meet the stringent demands of today's transmissions.

Just how good is AMSOIL? AMSOIL compares its product with other synthetic oils. See comparative & performance test results.

Guide to properly storing AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in the winter season.

To answer your question - Yes, AMSOIL formulates excellent engine oils, transmission fluids, gear lubes, and more. Let's take a closer look at why AMSOIL is a good oil.

Snowblower tip. Add fuel stabilizer at the end of the season. Then, run the engine of your snowblower for a few minutes to distribute the treated gas throughout the system.

The problem, however, is transmission fluid additives don't work very well. Although they may provide a short period of improved performance, transmission performance can become worse over time.

Vehicle maintenance is an important part of preparing for winter months. Extreme winter weather can make breakdowns especially dangerous, and most people aren't aware of the effect cold weather has on conventional Lubricants.

AMSOIL offers more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by a leading industry standard. Find out how and why this helps extend the life of your vehicles.

Combining premium motor oil with a premium oil filter is necessary for total engine protection. AMSOIL provides both.

A New Level of Protection and Performance on the Horizon. The new Signature Series, XL and OE formulations launching this fall place our passenger car motor oil (PCMO) line ahead of the game.

A potentially catastrophic problem is surfacing in today's engines. Here's how AMSOIL is working to solve it.

The launch of the new API specifications in December will prompt a significant change in the AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil lineup as all-new API CK-4 diesel oils are added to the mix.

Choosing the right type of oil filter can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions.

Is Synthetic Oil Better For My Car? It is generally accepted that synthetics outperform conventional oils, but many people don't understand why. The differences begin at a molecular level.

Properly functioning piston rings are vital to maximum engine power and efficiency.

How does motor oil become contaminated? Commonly through abrasives, and combustion by-products.

AMSOIL synthetic snowmobile oils to deliver exceptional cold-flow, exhaust power valve cleanliness and wear protection.

Passenger car motor oils, the base oil makes up 70 to 80 percent of the final product; additives comprise the other 20 to 30 percent.


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