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Oil Bypass Filtration - Installation Examples

Oil Bypass Kit Installation

The Kit Installation Is Fairly Simple And Can Be Done in Your Own Garage

Installing an AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration System is a fairly simple process that can be done right in the comfort of your own garage; without professional installation.
AMSOIL provides bypass kits specifically designed for some of the more popular applications.

If you don’t see your specific application, you may still install a bypass system on your vehicle. Depending on the space available in your vehicle, choose either:

Follow the purchasing information on the universal system webpage to ensure you receive the right system and components for your application. Once you have determined the right system, refer to the installation instructions and examples.

Oil-Bypass Kit Installation Examples

AMSOIL Bypass Oil Filtration Systems are a valuable asset to prolonging the life of your engine. The kits are fairly easy to install, requiring tools that you would find in a common garage. Bypass kits can be installed on many different applications with the same basic installation concepts.

Click here to watch install of AMSOIL Single Remote Bypass System on a Cummins Click here to watch install of AMSOIL Single Remote Bypass System in a F350

Oil-Bypass Kit Mounting Locations

As we know not every vehicle is the same, and engine layouts change from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even from make to make. - COMING SOON - Video to help you identify the best mounting locations on your vehicle.

Oil-Bypass Kit Common Installation Mistakes

No installation is fool-proof, and some practices should be avoided because they can be harmful in the long run.

  • Be sure to choose the optimal bypass filter location
    • Make sure the Bypass System is not mounted in harm’s way especially from road debris or off-road travel that could damage the system.
    • Make sure the mounting structure is solid and adequate to carry the weight of the filtration system.
      Areas with high vibration or moving parts could cause the systems or mounting bracket to break.
    • Make sure the Bypass System and hose is not mounted next to the exhaust.
      The high temperatures of the exhaust could cause damage to the system and hose.

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