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AMSOIL Synthetic Oil for Touring Bikes

AMSOIL Touring Bike Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is formulated to keep touring bikes well-protected and operating at peak performance and maximum fuel efficiency. Reliability is extremely important on the open road. Nothing ruins a motorcycle trip quicker than an unexpected roadside breakdown.

Synthetic Touring Bike Oil

Ensures cool operating temperatures - Delivers maximum wear protection - Long service life


Click here to watch AMSOIL Indian Scout Dyno TestIndustry experts call the Indian Scout V-twin a masterful piece of engineering. We decided to roll one into our dyno to find out how AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil fares in its powerful engine at 2X the manufacturer’s drain interval. Watch now to see what happens.


V-Twin Oil Change Kits

Everything that is needed to perform an oil change in one convenient package.

Transmission and Primary Drive Fluids

Together they provide smooth shifts and consistent clutch feel

Fuel Additives and Carburetor Cleaner

Degraded fuel presents a major maintenance issue in small engines and powersports equipment. It can form varnish, gum and insoluble debris that clog carburetors, fuel injectors and fuel filters. Performance robbing carbon buildup.

Synthetic Suspension Fluid

AMSOIL Shock Therapy Suspension Fluid has been tested and proven to be a superior, balanced product recommended for a wide range of temperatures and applications.

Spray Lubricants

Lubricate, protect, and penetrate.


Keeping your equipment clean.

Oil Filters

Guard against engine wear.

Why Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil for Touring Bikes

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