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Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and Save!

One Year or Six Month Preferred Customer Membership

One Year or Six Month Preferred Customer Membership
Buy 6 month PC Membership
$10 for 6 Month PC Registration - US Customers$15 for 6 Month PC Registration - CDN Customers
buy PC 1 year
$20 for 1 Year PC Registration$30 for 1 Year PC Registration - CDN Customers

Canadian Customers Please Note:

Shipping in Canada:
All AMSOIL products purchased in Canada are shipped from Canadian distribution centres and follow Canadian Preferred Customer Price list.
Free Shipping is provided for orders over $130 CAD (Before tax). For orders less than $130 CAD, a flat shipping charge of $12.99 applies. Click here to visit shipping information page.

Canadian Preferred Customer registration fees are slightly higher to accommodate additional postage costs involved in the administration of the account. Quarterly AMSOIL magazine and other communications are mailed directly from the U.S. corporate office. Preferred Customer accounts are managed by AMSOIL Corporate office in the U.S.

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What is the AMSOIL Preferred Customer? MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS

AMSOIL Preferred Customers pay wholesale prices on all AMSOIL products


AMSOIL Preferred Customers pay lower prices on all AMSOIL products, a savings of up to 25%. With an extended line of products you can protect your equipment and spend less on maintenance at a lower cost.

Preferred Customers receive exclusive product promotions


Preferred Customers receive exclusive product promotions throughout the year.

Preferred Customers receive exclusive promotions for reduced or free shipping


Canadian P.C. orders over $130 and US P.C. orders over $100 will ship free. Orders under those amounts will be charged a flat fee of $12.99 in Canada and $9.99 in the US.

Preferred Customers receive 5 dollar birthday to spend on their next order or renewal


U.S. Preferred Customers receive a $5.00 dollar birthday gift to spend on their next order or membership renewal.

Preferred Customers receive 5 dollar voucher every time the spend 100 dollars.


U.S. Preferred Customers receive $5.00 dollar voucher every time they spend $100 dollars. Canadian Preferred Customers receive 5%-off rewards (5% off up to $100 dollars; max value $5.00)

Preferred Customers can receive a free membership renewal


Preferred Customers who spend more than $500.00 in a year, receive a free membership renewal.

5 People Who Need to Become AMSOIL Preferred Customers

So you love to rave about how AMSOIL synthetic lubricants boost your mpg, or how many miles you’ve gone with your 1992 Taurus, but if you’re not an AMSOIL Preferred Customer (P.C.) and you regularly buy AMSOIL products, you ain’t doing it right.

Here are 5 people who need to become AMSOIL P.C.s today

#1 The Person Who’s Really Into Cars

You have your daily driver, your summer car and your project car. Or, maybe you have a classic pickup truck you drive around town or a ’69 Camaro you pull out for special occasions (like your local car show).

AMSOIL develops synthetic lubricants with the same care and passion you’ve put into your vehicles. And, if our Product Guide can’t help you find what you need, our Technical Services team can (1-855-519-1529).

Put together, they drive everything from imported, barely legal Japanese classics, to tractors (as in an awesome collection of restored John Deere tractors). Basically, they have the knowledge and expertise to help answer any questions you might have.

If you’re going to keep working on that project car, you’re going to need lubricants to protect it and keep it running strong.

#2 The Powersports Fanatic

You own a snowmobile, boat, ATV, dirt bike or some combination thereof. If it has a powerful engine and handlebars, you’re interested. We get that you push the limits when you’re out having fun because most of us do, too. We rigorously test our products to ensure they can handle the abuse you throw at them. For example, check out how AMSOIL Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil protected a Harley-Davidson that we pushed to more than 550ºF.

#3 The Racer

We love racing. We’re into Monster Energy Supercross, King of the Hammers, TORC, snocross, sprint cars and on and on. We sponsor multiple teams and drivers, including Scheuring Speed Sports, Brad Lovell and Scott Douglas, to name a few. Our relationships with our drivers go beyond simply writing a check – our racers help us develop and test many of the AMSOIL synthetic lubricants that end up in your vehicles. Unlike some companies, we don’t create special formulas for racers, either. The same products the pros use are available to you. If AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are tough enough to protect their stock cars, race sleds, dirt bikes and other equipment, imagine what they can do for you.

#4 The Handyman (or Woman)

Heaven to you is a garage full of tools; a lawnmower, string trimmer, car and the like to tinker with; and a Saturday afternoon void of interruptions. The garage is where you retreat to unplug from the world and energize yourself to the sound of a ratchet or air wrench.

As an AMSOIL P.C., you get all the AMSOIL products you need shipped right to your door within three days – just in time for you to wrench to your heart’s content over the weekend. P.C.s also earn points on every purchase, which are redeemable for future purchases. Don’t forget our cool MyAMSOILGarage feature, a free online resource that lets you track all the maintenance you perform on your vehicles and equipment.

#5 The Outdoorsman

Hunters and anglers have to get to their favorite spot before they can reel in a lunker or bag a trophy buck. A breakdown along the way ruins your hard-earned time on the water or in the woods. Maintaining your vehicles and equipment with AMSOIL synthetic lubricants helps ensure you get to your destination and enjoy your time. Just ask professional angler Pete Maina or one of the outfitters who rent their equipment to outdoor lovers, which means their equipment takes a beating (I trust you’re familiar with the term, “Ride it like a rental”?). P.C.s save up to 25 percent on AMSOIL products, leaving a few extra bucks in your pocket to help buy that new fishing rod or hunting rifle.


amsoil exclusive offers
AMSOIL Preferred Customers receive special email offers not available to anyone else, including reduced or free shipping and exclusive product promotions.
Preferred Customers also receive an information kit in the mail containing PC membership card, wholesale price list hard copy, casual apparel & promotional items catalog and quarterly subscription to AMSOIL Magazine covering new product developments & company racing activities.


Your vehicles and equipment aren’t just a way from point A to point B. They’re part of who you are. They define you. So it is with us. We’re engineers, chemists and manufacturers. But we’re also racers, gearheads and thrill-seekers. Like you, we’re at our best when working on our vehicles, fine-tuning their performance or cruising down the highway.

Our time behind the wheel and under the hood helps us experience firsthand the toll power, speed and performance take on engines. That’s why we formulate AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in our chemical and mechanical labs to push the boundaries of performance. Because our products not only have to protect our vehicles, they have to protect yours.

We like to save money, but we refuse to compromise performance. Sound like you? A Preferred Customer membership provides the best of both worlds, the leading edge of lubrication technology coupled with exclusive savings and benefits.



As a Preferred Customer there are no minimum or maximum ordering guidelines. Your account can be renewed as required. AMSOIL will renew your account automatically if you spend $500 or more. Otherwise, AMSOIL will not automatically renew your account. The account can stay inactive when it expires, and then renewed once you wish to place another order.

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