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Ford 7.3L Single-Remote Oil Bypass System

Ford 7.3L Single-Remote Bypass System


An AMSOIL Single-Remote Bypass Filter system is now available for 7.3L Ford Powerstroke diesel applications. This system connects to the engine through a pressurized oil port. The Oil Bypass kit includes mount, mounting hardware, hose and hose fittings, and installation instructions, providing increased convenience and value for Ford Powerstroke owners.
Superior filtration performance for 7.3L Ford Powerstroke diesel engines can be expected while working in conjunction with the engine's full-flow oil filter. Single-Remote Bypass Filter system operates by filtering oil on a "partial-flow" basis, filtering about 10 percent of the oil pump's flow and traps the small, wear-causing contaminants that the fullflow filter is not capable of trapping.

Note: The EaBP bypass oil filter is sold separately. For use with EaBP90, EaBP100 or EaBP110 Element. EaBP120 will not work with this system.
Brand: AMSOIL • Product Code: BMK21

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Whate are the Benefits of Oil Bypass Systems?

Efficient Small Particle and Soot Removal

The high-efficiency AMSOIL Ea® Bypass Filter element is also an effective soot-removal device. The filter element is composed of a highly efficient media, which increases soot-removal efficiency when the bypass filter is used in conjunction with a standard full-flow filter.

Significantly Extended Engine Life

The majority of engine wear is caused by particles in the 5-20 micron range. Because AMSOIL Ea® Bypass Filters effectively remove contaminants down to 2 microns, your engine receives the ultimate in wear protection. Less engine wear keeps the engine in better physical condition, extending its life.

Increased Filtration Capacity and Life

An additional filter adds additional opportunity to filter particles out of the oil. The full-flow filter removes larger particles down to about 20 microns, while the bypass filter removes the smaller particles down to 2 microns. Working together, these filters provide next-level protection for your engine.

Improved Oil Cooling

With increased oil capacity, the oil filtration system contains more fluid through which it can disperse heat from the engine. This allows the engine and the oil to run cooler.

Increased Fluid System Capacity

By installing an additional filter, the engine oiling system has the capacity to hold more oil. The increased fluid capacity and filtration life ensures the equipment constantly runs on highly filtered oil. Engine efficiency is increased, providing extended engine life.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

AMSOIL Bypass Systems provide a dramatic increase in engine protection. Proven to help you avoid costly repairs associated with engine wear.

Dramatically Extended Drain Intervals

AMSOIL Ea® Bypass Filters can help users extend their oil drain intervals. AMSOIL recommends using oil analysis when extending oil drain intervals.

Ford 7.3L Single-Remote Bypass System

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