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Snowmobiles can perform better with AMSOIL lubricants

Snowmobiles can benefit from using AMSOIL products

Snow may not fly throughout all of North America, but the regions of the continent that receive snow anxiously anticipate that white cover that will blanket the countryside. Once the snow starts flying, you can almost simultaneously hear the snowmobiles revving their engines to kick off the start of another snowmobile season. All of these snowmobiles can benefit from using AMSOIL products. From 2cycle oils to gasoline stabilizer, AMSOIL has the products and the performance for every snowmobile enthusiast.

For the snowmobiles that require a 2Cycle oil, AMSOIL has two products to choose from:

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR™ (AIT) or DOMINATOR™ (TDR). Both of these high quality synthetic oils provide the performance and reliability that only AMSOIL can provide. If the snowmobile has a four stroke engine, AMSOIL has Formula 4Stroke® PowerSports 0W40(AFF) to again provide the superior protection in both hot and cold temperature extremes.

AMSOIL can be used to protect more than just a snowmobile’s engine.

Sleds need AMSOIL Synthetic Chain Case & Gear Oil as well as Synthetic Water Resistant Grease and Heavy Duty Metal Protector to protect the metalparts exposed to the ice and snow of everyday riding conditions. Not only are the trails snowy and icy, but the bumps and ruts can be rough on these hightech machines. For these conditions, AMSOIL has Shock Therapy Suspension Fluids to handle challenging conditions and terrain.

Even through the season it is a good idea to stabilize the fuel and protect against ethanol-related performance issues with AMSOIL Quickshot premium fuel additive.

An inevitable end to the snowmobile season comes each spring, and sleds must be properly stored to be ready for the next winter.

AMSOIL has the products to ensure proper protection is provided to the high performance snowmobile. There is no better product to protect a stored snow machine than AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil. The fogging oil provides longterm protection against corrosion and dry starts, which helps extend the service life of snowmobiles and also reduces the overall operating expenses of such equipment. For the remaining gas in the tank, a bottle of Gasoline Stabilizer offers protection during storage to ensure the fuel is good when winter rolls around again.


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