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2013 Volkswagen Passat Turbo

Here are the AMSOIL Products recommended for
2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2.0L 4-cyl Engine Code CKRA Turbo Diesel

Listing of AMSOIL Lubricants, Fluids, and Filters


Engine Oil
     Grade 1......SEO06

European Car Formula 5W-30 Improved ESP Synthetic Motor Oil (AELQT)

     All TEMPS......5W-30 [1]

Manual Transmission,02Q (6-SPD)......SL161 [2]
     All TEMPS......
     No AMSOIL Product Recommendation

Manual Transmission,02Q (6-SPD)......SL138 [3]
     All TEMPS......
     Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90 (MTGPK)

Automatic Transmission,02E......SL007
     100% Synthetic DCT Fluid (DCTQT)

     Brake Fluid......HBH
         DOT 3 and 4 Brake Fluid (BFLVCN) [4]

     Clutch Fluid......HBH
         DOT 3 and 4 Brake Fluid (BFLVCN) [4]

     Power Steering Fluid......PS046
         Power Steering Fluid (PSFCN) [5]

[1] If synthetic oil that meets the applicable Audi, Volkswagen
oil quality standard with the recommended viscosity grade
is not available in your area, be sure to use a viscosity
grade suitable for the climate, season, and operating
conditions that exist where the vehicle is used. Make
sure the oil meets the Audi, Volkswagen oil quality
standards listed.
[2] From 10/29/13.
[3] Up to 10/28/13.
[4] Hydraulic Brake Fluid, DOT 4 P/N B 000 750 M3
[5] When equipped with hydraulic power steering system.


Oil FilterWIX 57262 Oil Filter[1] [2]
Air FilterMANN Air Filter (C351541)[3]
Air FilterMANN Air Filter (C35154) 
Cabin Air FilterMANN Cabin Air Filter (CUK2939)[4]
[1] TDI SE (SubModel)
[2] TDI SEL (SubModel)
[3] Cold Climate Option
[4] Charcoal Impregnated; Not all models may be outfitted with a cabin air filter. Please verify before ordering.


      0 Fittings, 0 Plugs


Engine, with filter..........4.5 quarts [1]

Cooling System, Initial Fill..........11.2 quarts [2]
Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant

AMSOIL Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

Automatic Transmission, 02E Initial Fill..........5.5 quarts
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
   6 speed 02E..........7.6 quarts
Manual Transmission, 02Q (6-SPD)..........4.9 pints

[1] After refill check oil level.
[2] The quantity of coolant can vary
depending upon the vehicle equipment.


   Oil Drain Plug.....22 ft/lbs 
   Manual Transmission 02Q (6-SPD) [1]
     Fill Plug 33 ft/lbs
     Drain Plug 33 ft/lbs
   Manual Transmission 02Q (6-SPD) [2]
     Fill Plug 22 ft/lbs
     Drain Plug 22 ft/lbs

[1] With multi-point socket head
[2] With hex socket head


AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are the solution for drivers who want the most from their 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. How good are they? Our synthetic motor oils blow the doors off the highest industry standards.

Protect your PASSAT in any driving condition with our specially formulated motor oils. Whether it’s extreme temperatures, long commutes, towing, hauling, the added stress of a turbocharger or you’re simply extending the time between oil changes, our motor oils will keep your 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT protected.

We produce the synthetic motor oil, oil filter, transmission fluid, gear lube and grease for a complete fluid change – everything to keep your PASSAT running smoothly for the long haul.

Industry-Tested, Driver Approved

AMSOIL products are subjected to rigorous third-party, industry-standard testing so you can rest assured you’re getting maximum protection. Also, check out our customer reviews on to make the best choice for your 2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. Hear from more than 6,000 customers who have experienced AMSOIL lubricants.

2013 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT Transmission Fluid

Using a properly formulated transmission fluid for your VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT can protect your vehicle from costly problems down the road. AMSOIL transmission fluids offer the best protection for your VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT, even in the most severe driving conditions. Protect your vehicle’s transmission from wear, sludge and temperature-related problems and drive with confidence.

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