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Automotive Instructional Films

A sampling of Jam Handy films, created to explain the high-tech mechanical concepts of the day in a way that just about anybody can understand. For their day these videos have brilliant visual aids, excellent mechanical analysis, and charming old-time voice-over work. Enjoy.

Video: Learn the basics of what’s going on inside most stick-shift transmissions

Car Transmissions & Synchromesh: "Spinning Levers" 1936 Chevrolet Auto Mechanics 10min

Video: Splash approach to engine lubrication

Riding the Film - Oils and Lubricants 10min

Video: How a car's differential works

Around The Corner - How Differential Steering Works 10min

Video: The basics of how your car’s suspension works

"Over the waves" demonstrates the 1938 Chevrolet suspension system 10min

Video: How Cars Work

"As the Wheels Turn" Family at a picnic - Father uses tableware to build model of Chevrolet 12min

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